Information and extra keys

On the kitchen table you will find info about WiFi, fire escape, parking and waste/recycling.

On a table in the hall you will find extra keys if needed. The tag is for the main door, the key for the apartment door.

Information about the TV

Switch on the TV with the Phillips remote control (1). This is all you use this remote control for, unless you are going to connect your own equipment. Then you may have to use the Source button (2).

Under normal circumstances the decoder is already switched on, but if it is not then you must switch on the decoder with the Altibox remote control (A). If you turn on the TV and see an image from Google, press the back button (E).

This is the dashboard screen. Press the OK button (B) to watch TV. There are a number of Norwegian and some foreign channels. Use the channel selector (C) to scroll through the channels.

If you want to use an app, for example Netflix, press the home button (D) to return to the dashboard. With the arrow keys, you go down to the apps and scroll through them. Use the OK button (B) to enter the app.

If you want to use our Netflix, you go down to the user Hege and choose what you want to watch.